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Our Future.

Posted by Shala Hruska on

Over three years ago, after many late nights of trial and error, I created a soft sole baby shoe that I loved, tested on my own twin girls, & wanted to share with others. I opened an Etsy shop on November, 19th 2013. A few weeks later, my first order came in. I was so excited! My husband bought champagne! Someone that I didn't know, thought my shoes look good enough to buy! I kept sewing, I worked on my social media, and I did markets around Lincoln. And we grew. I loved my "job". I loved creating, making, & seeing our customers grow up in our shoes while meeting other amazing makers. 

My twins & I at our opening party!

Over three years later, here we are. We have a storefront that carries not only our beloved soft-sole shoes, but we also have other great brands. The last year and half have been so much fun (and also so very hard)! I've loved seeing you swing by the shop, playing with your babes and fitting your kids in the perfect shoes. However, we have found that we need to make a change. We have decided (after lots and lots of anxiety, tears, & lost sleep), that we going to close our store front and say good-bye to the other shoes we carry.

This doesn't mean we are going away completely! We are just going to focus on what we do best- making tiny shoes! We'll still be online, slinging shoes at markets, rocking pop-up shops & wholesaling with other amazing retailers! I'll be writing more about our future and this decision in coming weeks and months. You've been on this journey with me for so long already and I hope you continue on this journey with me as we grow and move on. And I also hope to be able to show you a more behind the scenes look into my business, how I  grow it, and the driving force behind it. 

There are many reasons why we came to the decision. One of the biggest reasons was simply that the other shoes and the storefront were taking me away from being able really focus on the backbone of our business, our Belle & The Bear shoes. The other products & storefront were taking away my energy, creative focus, & finances that I could be putting into better, quicker production, more styles of shoes, and other aspects of our brand.   It was also taking me away from my family more than I had anticipated and can handle at this point in our lives. It makes more sense for us to focus on our online shop & markets (which our customers seem to prefer as well!). 

I also just really want to say how thankful I am for each and everyone of you. And I'm so sorry if you are bummed that we're closing the shop (I'm bummed too!). You really did show up this past year and half and your support means the world to me.

Now here comes the fun part... we gotta get rid of our inventory! We don't have an exact date for closure, but will likely close once everything is gone. So come in and help me get rid of everything in the shop (besides our soft-soles, we need to keep those). As of right now, everything in the shop is 40% off. Stuff on sale is even more! (In-store only, we have already refocused our website to just our soft-sole shoes). This would be a great time to stock up on those shoes that never go on sale like Plae, saltwater, native, Birkenstock, MiniMelissa & etc. So, come in and say hi, get a good deal on a pair of shoes, and so I can give you a big ole' hug as a thank you.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at or find us on our social pages.  And a reminder our hours are: Tuesday- Saturday 10-5. Can't wait to see you!

So much love,






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