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How's The Transition Going?

Posted by Shala Hruska on

It seems like every time I'm out and about some asks me, "So how is the transition to online going?" Often I smile and respond "It's going great!" and leave it at that. Other times, I divulge a bit more. so, I thought it'd be time to give everyone an update in the form of this ole' blog.

The truth is, it's kind of a hard question. Is it going good in the sense that we're busy and still growing? Yes. Am I still oftentimes stressed the heck out? Yes. Do I still love making tiny little shoes? Most days (you know the days where I don't have to do taxes and all the boring stuff that comes along with this business). Is the transition going as smooth as I thought it would? Nope. But does anything ever go as smooth as we think it will?

Since closing the doors to the shop, it has been a rollercoaster and I have mostly kept my nose in the sewing machine trying to keep my head above water. With summer, we've slowed down, and it has given me a bit more time to reflect, think, and re-evaluate how we'd like to do things at this little company. 

There have been a few changes and even more changes coming this fall. First, we are moving out of our studio. Our best gal pal from Wax Buffalo moved in and we've been sharing the space since March. It has been awesome! I'd recommend co-sharing a space with another small business to anyone. It's fun to bounce ideas off each other, ask for advice, and cry together about how hard this journey can be sometimes. However, there were a few variables that just had made it make more sense to move my workspace back home. 

The good news is that an adorable women's boutique is opening in the space! Blu Velvet is moving from north Lincoln and will be opening in Piedmont. I can't wait to see what she does to the space and I know it'll be such a great addition to the center and central Lincoln. And it couldn't happen at a more perfect time. 

It hasn't been easy to go from my basement, to a tiny basement studio, then a beautiful storefront and then back to my basement. But it makes the most sense. I'm no longer lugging hides of leather between the studio and home to work on, and I get to work at my favorite time 9 pm- midnight while binging on netflix and true crime podcasts. I also get to do so much more with my girls and it has been so much fun this summer. 

This fall, we are moving everything as ready to ship. It is something that has been on the "to-do" list for about two years now and we are finally taking the leap (and writing it up in the blog post of accountability!). We are also possibly launching a new venture that I seriously can't wait to show you!

I want to end this post with something that has been nagging at me over the last few months. I've been thinking a lot about goals and dreams and the advice that usually comes along with them. We are told to write them down. Short term. Long term. One year. Five years. But I think there is something that is often overlooked. And it's so dang important. KEEP THOSE DREAMS AND GOALS FLUID. I thought it was my dream to have a little shoe store. Then I realized it wasn't. It wasn't how I wanted my life to look and I felt trapped. So I changed them. And it was so empowering to no longer feel stuck in my own dream. I crossed out those goals and dreams and wrote new ones above them and the list looks a little bit messier, but my vision seems a lot more clear. 

So much love,



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